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The Gender Mobile (GM) initiative is an accessible-to-all intervention platform designed to provide specialized support services for girls and women who are survivors of gender-based violence.

Gender Mobile is leveraging technology in the form of a 24/7 dedicated mobile telephone helpline (0700 0000 002) which can be accessed through various option and a web platform ( where potential victims and survivors can reach our specialized agents, ready and competent enough to provide the required help for variety of victims’ and survivors’ cases.

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There a various ways you can reach us!

There are various ways you can reach us, and you can relay on our amazing features list.

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We envision a just society devoid of all forms of gender-based violence that is capable of undermining the existence of girls and women in all forms and degree.

Gender Mobile Office

4 Tskunda House Central
Business District,
FCT, Abuja.

0700 000 0002
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